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The average salary package starts from:

₹2,40,000 to ₹18,00,000 per year

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18 LPA



9 Lakh +



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6 th



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9 Billion


Learn From professionals, Practice On live Projects and Get Placed in IT Company

Anyone can learn React from the ground up with this course's practical assignments and projects, which combine straightforward explanations from the instructor with complex ideas.

We will talk about React JS, how it is implemented with JSX, and how Babel is used to compile HTML, CSS, and Javascript behind the scenes before it is rendered into HTML that is comprehensible by browsers.

We define React JS 'components' and discuss when to use them in the sections that follow. We also discuss when to use stateful and stateless components.

To reuse the same set of code, we will learn in the next section how to create modules in React JS and import or export them to other files.

In the upcoming section, we will discover how to create React JS modules and import or export them to other files, allowing us to reuse the same set of code.

Additionally, we cover the use of props, data transfer from stateful to stateless components, and function sending between components.

We go over the different lifecycle methods available to us as React Components and how we can use them to access and modify data between these lifecycles.

In order to improve your learning outcomes, the course includes videos, PowerPoints, and other educational activities that you can watch whenever it's convenient for you.


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250 Hrs Instructor Led Training

210 Hours of Independent Video

Project & Exercises 220 Hours


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  • There are no requirements in order to take part in this training. It is preferable to have some working knowledge of any programming language, including HTML, C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript.
  • NO, creating ReactJS Single Page apps does not require knowledge of HTML and CSS. React uses JSX, but to style react applications, CSS knowledge is preferred and HTML foundations are necessary.
  • Yes, there are many benefits to using ReactJS. For example, you can use declarative views to make your code more predictable and easier to debug, use Node.js for server rendering, and use React Native to power mobile apps. You start to see more benefits when you switch to ReactJS.

The following are some strong arguments in favor of a career in ReactJS:

  • ReactJS has good documentation and is easy to learn.
  • ReactJS developers are now some of the highest paid IT professionals. In India, a ReactJS developer makes, on average, 733,000 dollars annually, according to Glassdoor.

Why you should learn ReactJS Training in Chandigarh?

Why Should You Select Us When There Are So Many ReactJS Training Institutes in Chandigarh Offering Courses in ReactJS Training? Below is a list of some of the main causes.

35,00,000+ Jobs Available

Only in India are there more than 3.5 million jobs available, according to Indeed and other major employment portals.

No college degree is necessary.

You can still enroll in this training if you don't have a degree.


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Interview Preparation

After you finish your course, we will also help you get ready for your interview.


You can work from home as a freelancer after completing the training.

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Room For Innovation

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Work From Anywhere

After Completing the training, Your Will be able to work from anywhere in the world.

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Syllabus for React Js Training Course in Chandigarh and mohali

Our React JavaScript courses in Chandigarh are created and selected by professionals in the field who have worked as front end developers for more than 20 years. Because of this, by signing up for this training program, you can become proficient in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, JSX, ES6, and more, in addition to building a strong foundation for all the essential elements of website design.

  • Understanding the basics of React.js
  • Benefits and features of React.js
  • js components and its role in building user interfaces
  • Differences between React.js and other JavaScript frameworks
  • Setting up NPM and Node.js
  • Creating a development environment for React.js
  • Setting up and utilizing a code editor (for example, Visual Studio Code)
  • Recognizing the function of JSX syntax in React.js
  • Producing and displaying JSX components
  • Employing React components with JSX
  • Understanding the concept of components in React.js
  • Creating functional and class-based components
  • Understanding the use of props to pass data to components
  • Understanding the concept of state in React.js
  • Managing component state with setState()
  • Understanding the lifecycle methods of React components
  • Working with asynchronous operations in React components
  • Understanding how to handle events in React components
  • Using event handlers with class-based and functional components
  • Passing data to event handlers
  • Understanding how to work with forms and user input in React.js
  • Capturing user input with form elements
  • Using controlled and uncontrolled components
  • Validating user input
  • Understanding how to implement client-side routing in React.js
  • Using React Router to manage application URLs
  • Setting up routes and route parameters
  • Understanding the use of context in React.js
  • Creating and using context in React components
  • Using context to manage global state in React applications
  • Understanding the concept of higher-order components
  • Creating and using higher-order components in React.js
  • Using higher-order components to reuse code and implement cross-cutting concerns
  • Understanding the concept of React hooks
  • Using hooks to manage state and lifecycle in functional components
  • Using custom hooks to encapsulate reusable functionality
  • Understanding the role of Redux in React.js applications
  • Implementing Redux in React.js applications
  • Using actions, reducers, and the store to manage application state
  • Understanding the concept of server-side rendering
  • Implementing server-side rendering in React.js applications
  • Benefits of server-side rendering
  • Understanding the importance of testing in React.js applications
  • Testing React components with Jest and Enzyme
  • Writing unit tests and integration tests
  • Understanding how to deploy React.js applications to production
  • Best practices for deploying React.js applications
  • Hosting options for React.js applications

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